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Delayed Ejaculation - The Facts


The fact that a lot of men find it difficult to reach orgasm during sex - or can't reach orgasm at all - surprises many people. This situation is known as delayed ejaculation (DE for short).

After all, we tend to think that men are always ready for sex, and that if there's any problem men are going to have during lovemaking, it will be coming too quickly. The idea that men might find it difficult to ejaculate hardly ever occurs to most of us!

These expectations can make it difficult for men to talk about their struggles with ejaculation And so they tend to suffer in silence, and often, so do their partners.

The first thing to say, therefore, is that delayed ejaculation affects about one man in ten - it's common, very common.

And even if you don't know why you're experiencing it, there are treatments available which can help you get back to ejaculating more quickly, more normally, without ever having to see a sex therapist.

Here's a video which can tell you more about the problem.

Video: Delays in Reaching Orgasm

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Couple with delayed ejaculationOf course women who are living with men who can't come – ejaculate – during sex might feel upset about it.

For one thing, a woman might feel her man isn't able to ejaculate because she isn't attractive enough to turn him on, to get him aroused, sufficiently to ejaculate. (And sometimes this is true - although, as we shall see, it may not be her fault!)

And if a woman wants to conceive a baby, she's likely to be really upset if her man can't ejaculate during lovemaking.

Yet strangely enough this is a situation many people accept in their relationship for years before they decide to do anything about it – and it's often the woman's desire to have a child which makes the man take action.

But whether or not that's the case for you, you're undoubtedly here because you want to know more about this seemingly strange problem which so many face – you want to know why you can't ejaculate during lovemaking, even if you can during masturbation, and you probably want a cure.

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So Exactly What Is Delayed Ejaculation?

To start with, this condition is well known among sex therapists. It's been called ejaculatory incompetence, retarded ejaculation and male anorgasmia.

Quite simply it means a man can't ejaculate during lovemaking, or that he can only do so after a long, long time. Usually he can masturbate to orgasm easily enough.

It's certainly not talked about much among the general public, although the internet has a lot of information about it.

In essence, though, if you're suffering because of it, you can take comfort in the fact that you're not alone, the problem is quite normal, it's certainly common, and there are solutions available.

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couple who enjoy lovemaking with no ejaculation problems

Satisfying, normal, happy sex is within your grasp!

Now, let’s have a definition.

Definition Of Slow Male Ejaculation

graphic to represent delays in male ejaculation

Well, we can define delayed ejaculation in terms of its symptoms: a long time between penetration and ejaculation during lovemaking, or no ejaculation at all. And perhaps some difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating during masturbation as well, although this isn't always the case.

But of course some men find long-lasting lovemaking enjoyable and natural, and aren't the least bit concerned about it.

Which means that it's helpful if we can put some kind of timeframe on this! There isn't any agreed timeframe, but I'd say that if a man can make love for thirty minutes' of continual thrusting without ejaculating, then you could probably say he's experiencing some difficulty with ejaculation.

In any event, the point is that men who have this issue in their lives know only too well there's something not working for them, and they want a cure, so in a way a definition is irrelevant – what more important is finding a way in which a man can make love with complete control over the time when he ejaculates.

And in this context it's interesting to reflect that most men who have difficulty ejaculating still feel they have decent levels of sexual desire and a good erection. How do these things all fit together?

We'll look more at the psychological and physical issues which can cause a man to have difficulty ejaculating on other pages of this website, but broadly speaking there's going to be either some kind of emotional challenge, issue, or  problem around sex, intimacy, or women, or there's going to be a physical cause like traumatic masturbation.

Read about the causes here:

Physical and Emotional Causes

Psychological and Emotional Causes


Treatment Of Delays In Reaching Sexual Climax

Over the years, many different suggestions have been put forward about how these issues can be dealt with. For example, sex therapists often seem to suggest that only by analyzing the deep unconscious issues around sex can a man resolve a man's ejaculation problems.

That isn't my experience. What I've found is that treating the symptoms, offering a way to get round the blockage on ejaculation, can "bypass" the issues which might be playing into this at an unconscious level.

And once a man has ejaculated successfully, he often finds it's easy to go on doing so in the future.

That way you can have a happy woman in your life - and you'll both be sexually fulfilled.

Something important to keep in mind is the fact that the right treatment approach differs from man to man.

Some men might not be interested in exploring the historical issues which have set up their difficulties and slowness in reaching orgasm.

They might just want some tricks and techniques which will allow them to come easily during intercourse.

Other men might be fascinated by learning more about their expectations of sex, the ease with which they can establish an intimate relationship with a woman, and the dynamics that play out in the interpersonal relationship between two sexual partners.

It's important to realize you don't have to look at your "deepest" issues to find a way of ejaculating quickly, although you can do that alongside my treatment program if you want.

computer keys labelled questions and answersAnd in fact the treatment program on this website, judging by the feedback I receive, is successful for around 96% of men who try it - provided they really want to overcome their delayed, slow or non-existent ejaculation.

You can see a link to it in the top right hand corner of this page.

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A Video Which May Explain Delayed Ejaculation


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